I’ve been interested in photography for over 40 years, since I first developed a roll of 120-size film in a dark closet in my basement.  Later, I experienced the magic of watching an image appear on paper as it floated in the developer under the soft glow of the red darkroom light. The whole process was magical and mysterious: focusing light through a lens onto a chemically sensitive film, only to process it and have a likeness of what I saw reappear on the film and paper.

My skills range from black and white photographic darkroom processing and enlarging, using film, to the digital darkroom of pixels. Adobe Photoshop ®  and Adobe Lightroom ® are my softwares of choice.  Whatever my subject matter,  my goal is to create a print on archival fine art paper that will exhibit the feeling of awe and respect that I have for the world around me.

Our natural world is my primary inspiration.  It’s also a source of spiritual and emotional renewal for me. Whether photographing or engaging in simple everyday activities like gardening, cooking or walking, I am reminded again and again how amazing this planet is and how grateful I am to experience it.