Changing Views

I recently enjoyed a relaxing 5 days on Saturna Island in the southern Canadian Gulf Islands.

On the grounds of the bed and breakfast where we stayed sat an old and neglected car.  I looked at it every day as we set off in the morning and again in the late afternoon when we returned from our explorations. On the last morning I knew that I wanted  to make a few photographs of it. As I began to compose them, I decided to make a set of images that I could collage together later.

I was surprised to find that the collage turned into an exercise in using Photoshop ® to warp the shape of the car. It was fun layering the different files together, deciding which image would go on top of which, and where to make the overlaps. And then, of course, to use the transform tool to warp individual layers so that pieces of the car lined up correctly.

Times have certainly changed, and I don’t just mean models of cars. This kind of image would have been impossible (well, almost) to create when I was learning darkroom processing. I rarely shot color film back then, and was somewhat devoted to the idea of ‘straight’ photography. I wouldn’t have approved of altering an image in this way.

I’ve changed as well, and my goals now include having fun and to staying (relatively) calm and happy in the midst of chaos.  Not that these goals are new for me, or that I’m successful all of the time. But I’m no longer tied to the idea of a photograph having to reflect actual reality. (Unless it’s in the newspaper! I don’t want to see any FAKE news for heaven’s sake! I’m all for not manipulating journalistic photography.) Let there be chaos! Let things get warped a little and cause me to look again.

I hope to post more new work soon.

Keep having fun!



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