WAG Assignment: Sharing Failures

‘WAG’ stands for ‘Women’s Art Group’. About a year ago my friend Marni Jenkins asked me to join her Women’s Art Group.  Rosanne Olson, a local portrait and fine art photographer, recommends the art group as a method to keep the creative juices flowing. Curious, and wanting to see where it might lead,  I agreed to go to a meeting with Marni.

'Lady Banksii' rose, yellow, patterns in nature, flowers,

‘Lady Banksii’ Rose

It’s been a great learning experience spending time each month with other artists, giving and receiving feedback. For August our assignment is ‘failed’ projects. We get to bring any recent artwork that isn’t quite successful. Nothing wrong with that!  We’ll get plenty of feedback from our fellow artists, too. Hmm, which failure shall I bring?

One possibility is the 360-degree panorama made in southern Utah. I still haven’t settled on how to display the unwieldy circular photograph! Last year Karen Kaushansky, a member of our group, had the wonderful idea of attaching the panorama to the OUTSIDE of an old wagon wheel, so one could view it by walking around the outside of the wheel! What an interesting idea! I haven’t done it yet. Here is a 120-degree section of it:

southwest Utah, Capitol Reef, Grand Circle, beauty in nature

Fremont River Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah


Another idea that is still ‘in progress’ is a folded paper fan attached to a bamboo structure. I have a great image to use, now I just need to figure out how to put the piece together.


repetitive symmetry

Design for folding paper fan.


The great thing about art is that there are no true failures. Even pieces that are never complete offer lessons to the careful observer. Do you have a favorite ‘failure’? Maybe it’s time to think of it as a tiny step on the path to success. The more I learn from them,  the more I appreciate my ‘failures’.

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